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Host an NHI Training

NHI partners with transportation agencies and organizations across the United States to develop and deliver quality training. In these training partnerships, NHI provides superior training materials and subject matter experts to instruct the course, while our "hosts" provide the training facility and equipment. Participants can register with the host, or through the NHI Web site. Anyone can attend or host an NHI Instructor-Led (ILT) or Web-conference training (WCT) session.

How to Host an NHI Training

  1. As your organization prepares to become a host, NHI is here to help make the process easy with three documents to answer all of your hosting questions. Review NHI's Course Hosting Responsibilities, Host Checklist and Frequently Asked Hosting Questions (FAQs) to gain a full understanding of all hosting responsibilities and processes before submitting a request to host.
    1. NHI's Hosting Responsibilities
    2. Host Checklist (PDF)
    3. Frequently Asked Hosting Questions
  2. If this is your first time hosting, simply create an account on the NHI Web site and select the "Host/Instructor" box in your profile. Then search our online course catalog and select the "Host This Course" button next to the training you're interested in. You'll be prompted to review NHI's hosting responsibilities before you are able to complete and submit the Host Request Form.
  3. Once your Host Request Form is submitted, an NHI Scheduler or one of our instructors will contact you to coordinate scheduling, payment, and other logistic information.

Host Responsibilities

So what does it mean to host an NHI training? The process is straightforward and easy. Key responsibilities are divided between NHI and a host organization. Hosts are responsible for:

  1. Provide training facilities and equipment, coordinate logistics regarding the facility, and receive and deliver NHI's course materials to the training site
  2. Communicate session information, including location and access information, to all participants
  3. Coordinate with the training instructor and provide the instructor with session essentials such as a participant roster and course completion certificates
  4. Maintain communication with NHI regarding session enrollment, participant charges, additional marketing needs, and any changes regarding the session
  5. Pay course fees

What NHI Will Do For You:

  1. Lists the training session on the NHI Web site
  2. Collects payment directly from any public participants who enroll through the NHI Web site
  3. Provides a list of session registrants who enrolled through the NHI Web site to the host prior to the session
  4. Promotes the training session through e-mail marketing campaigns targeted to transportation professionals
  5. Provides and ships all course materials to the location designated by the host
  6. Provides exceptional instructional staff
  7. Provides "best practice" guidelines for your training session, a hosting checklist, and other materials to help hosts organize their session
  8. Invoices the host for any remaining course fees at the conclusion of the session

Think hosting an NHI training session is right for your organization?

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