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Course Description

Chip Seal Best Practices - WEB-BASED

PROGRAM AREA: Pavements and Materials
Web-based Training (WBT)Web-based Training (WBT)
Calendar Year
3 Hours
0 Units
$25 Per Participant


CLASS SIZE: Minimum: 1 Maximum: 1


The Chip Seal Best Practices course presents ways to assist in the development and implementation of pavement preservation programs by identifying the benefits of using chip seal as part of a preventive maintenance program.

This course has six modules. Module 1 is an introduction into chip seals, module 2 covers designing chip seal mixes, module 3 is selecting the proper materials for the chip seal mix, module 4 focuses on the use of the equipment, module 5 covers proper construction practices, and module 6 rounds out the course with performance measures of chip seals. The combination of all this information provides an excellent overview of successful chip seal practices worldwide.


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define chip seal
  • Describe how chip seals are used as a preventive maintenance treatment for pavement
  • Identify materials used in chip seals
  • Describe the characteristics of chip seal design
  • Identify types of chip seal
  • Identify the important considerations of aggregate and binder selection
  • Describe aggregate-binder compatibility
  • Describe equipments used in chip seal practices
  • Identify important variables in construction practice
  • Define the measures of control implemented over the quality of materials and construction
  • Identify construction best practices
  • Describe the components of engineering-based performance measures
  • Identify qualitative performance indicators for chip seal
  • Define common visible chip seal distresses


This training is recommended for the Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council levels I, II and III. This training would benefit entry level construction inspectors, maintenance employees and contractor personnel as well as serve as refresher training for those already well versed in the selection and application of a chip seal as a preventive maintenance treatment.

If you have questions about this NHI training, please contact NHI at or 877.558.6873.


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