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Course Description

AASHTO Designation: T 308 - WEB-BASED

PROGRAM AREA: Pavements and Materials
Web-based Training (WBT)Web-based Training (WBT)
Calendar Year
2 Hours
0 Units
$25 Per Participant


CLASS SIZE: Minimum: 1 Maximum: 1


The TCCC AASHTO Designation: T308 course explains the importance of asphalt content, describes the equipment needed to perform the test procedure, shows how to perform the ignition furnace test procedure (both Method A - internal balance and Method B - external balance), and instructs how to calculate and apply the correction factors.

Some of the topics covered in this training include, background and purpose of asphalt content, apparatus, correction factors determination, test procedure, calculations, and wrap-up of the test procedure which includes reporting.

Upon completion of this course, participants will know why performing AASHTO T-308 is necessary, will know how to perform the test procedure, and can accurately calculate and apply the correction factors. This course is an excellent learning tool to demonstrate Asphalt Content by Ignition Oven to new technicians.


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the impact that asphalt binder content can have on a pavement
  • Define the purpose of the ignition method, as well as the benefits and limitations of the test procedure
  • Understand the basic concepts behind the test procedure
  • Identify the equipment needed to perform the test procedure for both Method A and Method B
  • Understand why correction factors must be determined
  • Explain how to determine the asphalt binder correction factor
  • Explain how to determine the aggregate correction factor
  • Describe how the ignition test is performed for either Method A, Internal Balance Method or Method B, External Balance Method
  • Calculate the measured (corrected) asphalt binder content percent for both Method A and Method B
  • Reporting the test results
  • Preparing sample for a gradation analysis according to AASHTO T 30


This training is designed for plant technicians, private lab, or contractor employees who are qualified to sample hot mix, aggregate or asphalt cement, and perform acceptance tests including Asphalt Content by Ignition Oven (AASHTO Designation: T 308-10). It is also useful for laboratory and personnel assessment technicians.

If you have questions about this NHI training, please contact NHI at or 877.558.6873.


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