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Types of Training

Our training, course materials, and free training seminars are tailored to meet the needs of the transportation community. Whether you are new to the industry or a transportation professional with many years of experience, NHI has something for you. We strive to provide the transportation community with the educational tools and resources necessary to improve infrastructure across the country.

Training Formats

NHI offers a wide variety of transportation training courses. These courses are presented in a variety of delivery formats, including:

Instructor-led Trainings (ILT)
Instructors and training participants come together in a traditional classroom setting for NHI's instructor-led Training. ILT sessions are scheduled based on requests from NHI hosts. Any transportation organization can host an ILT. Once the ILT is scheduled, the course details are listed in the NHI catalog where anyone can register for the course.
Web-conference Trainings (WCT)
Like an ILT, a WCT session has an instructor or facilitator and must be requested by a transportation organization. The difference is that a WCT takes place online in a virtual classroom and can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection. Although course participants may access a WCT course from almost anywhere in the world, these courses are scheduled to occur at a specific time and consist of live events.
Web-based Trainings (WBT)
NHI courses and materials are tailored to meet the needs of the transportation community. Web-based Trainings are self-paced and accessed by logging into the NHI Website. They are designed for individual training and reference and can be accessed at any time. You can save your place in the training and revisit modules any time during a six-month period. Final exams, however, can only be completed once.

Additionally, some courses might be described as "blended." Blended courses may combine two or three of the above methods during one course (for example, a course may require you to complete a web-based component before the instructor-led component).

Training Topics

NHI offers courses in an extensive variety of Program Areas ranging from Highway Safety to Hydraulics to Financial Management. For more information on NHI Program Areas and the courses within each topic, expand the links below.

Asset Management
Courses to help agencies preserve assets, operate in a financially sustainable manner, and minimize whole-life cost.
Business, Public Administration, and Quality
Offers training on writing skills, the Federal-Aid Highway Program, program financing, contract administration, and public private partnerships, to name a few.
Civil Rights
Course offerings cover FHWA civil rights laws and regulations to prevent discrimination, and remedy ongoing or past discrimination in federally-assisted highway, transit, airport, and highway safety financial assistance transportation contracting markets nationwide.
Communications courses address instructor development training, public speaking, and presentation skills.
Construction and Maintenance
Offers courses in value engineering, managing highway contract claims, accelerating innovation implementation, risk management and much more.
Design and Traffic Operations
Course offerings cover topics such as highway capacity and quality of flow, traffic signal design and operation, and freeway management and operations.
Offers training in NEPA and transportation decision-making, environmental justice, water quality management of highway runoff, and much more.
Financial Management
Offers information on funds management for FHWA employees.
Freight and Transportation Logistics
Courses address topics such as integrating freight in the transportation planning process, linking freight to planning and the environment, principles of effective commercial motor vehicle (CMV) size, and weight enforcement.
Offers training on geosynthetics engineering, drilled shafts, driven pile foundations, soil slope and embankment design, and construction.
Highway Safety
Course offerings cover roadside safety design, construction zone safety inspection, road safety audits, low-cost safety improvements, and much more.
Courses in this program area address river engineering for highway encroachments, urban drainage design, and stream stability and scour at highway bridges.
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
Offers training on topic such as how to improve highway safety with intelligent transportation systems and the ITS deployment analysis system.
Pavement and Materials
This program area includes trainings on hot-mix asphalt construction, Asphalt Pavement In-Place Recycling Technologies, Pavement preservation, and much more.
Real Estate
Course offerings address basic relocation under the Uniform Act, real estate acquisition under the Uniform Act, and local public agency real estate acquisition.
Offers courses on topics such as bridge inspection, fracture critical inspection techniques for steel bridges, highway bridge superstructures, and underwater bridge inspection.
Transportation Performance Management
This program offers courses that introduce the definition and basic concepts of performance management.
Transportation Planning
Training in this program area includes application of the FHWA Traffic Monitoring Guide, statewide transportation planning, and traffic monitoring and pavement design programs.

NHI Materials

NHI offers individual training materials that can be used in conjunction with a course or as stand-alone educational and reference items. These materials include manuals, workbooks, and guides, and they are available through the NHI Store in either hard copy or electronic format.

NHI Training Partners

NHI works with external organizations to extend the reach of our training, including:

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