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What is TCCC?

TCCC is a partnership between the Federal Highway Administration, State Departments of Transportation and the highway transportation industry to help train and certify the construction and maintenance workforce and set national standards for employee training.

Our mission is to:

  • develop and maintain a national curriculum for various transportation disciplines,
  • identify training and certification requirements, and
  • coordinate/facilitate training efforts.

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Rebuilding the highway construction work force is an industry priority. Agencies across the country face a serious shortage of trained and experienced personnel as a result of attrition and an aging workforce. Meanwhile, cutting-edge construction and system preservation technologies demand new skills and knowledgeable workers. Efforts to train and certify the highway construction workforce have intensified and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has assumed a pro-active role. The Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council (TCCC) was formed in September of 2000 to coalesce key stakeholders, streamline the process and avoid duplication of efforts.

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Through its Course Development Subcommittee, the TCCC provides resources for the design and development of new training courses for the transportation workforce. The Subcommittee's network of diverse partners, contact with private industry and subject matter expertise allows it to gather requests for training resources from all areas of the country and from all disciplines. Every request is discussed and prioritized. A thorough review process ensures that limited resources are applied to the most critical training needs nationwide.

A TCCC framework, called the "Core Curriculum Matrix," provides guidance targeting four levels of employees in construction, materials, and maintenance, with added recommendations for those in safety and human resources. The matrix was developed with input from field practitioners, managers and industry representatives in several states. It is designed to be the most inclusive and comprehensive web-based training resource available to the transportation community today.

Because TCCC is a dynamic and diverse organization, the Core Curriculum Matrix is only one of several tools designed to help government and industry meet critical training needs. Even as it updates and adds to the Matrix, the TCCC's cadre of volunteers is busy developing a comprehensive new transportation training course data base. Like the Core Curriculum Matrix, the data base is designed to be the best and most thorough web-based source of information on existing training courses nationwide. When complete, it will become the "go to" resource for anyone seeking information about what courses exist to train and certify workers in a host of positions, disciplines, and areas of expertise.

It is important to note that the resources TCCC offers are only as comprehensive, timely and valuable as the input it receives from the highway community. Put a world of transportation training resources at your fingertips - and share the wealth of your State's expertise. Contact TCCC today to see how you can participate in this national effort to ensure that, whenever and wherever you need it, today's mobile transportation workforce is prepared to help you meet the needs of 21st Century mobility.

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