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Title:  SR500 NHI Innovations: PaveSuite, Transforming Pavement Data into Informed Decision Making
Date/Time:  5/22/2013 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM Eastern Time
Description:  PaveSuite is a focus technology of the AASHTO Technology Implementation Group. It includes four advanced tools for faster and more comprehensive pavement analysis. These tools were developed by the Florida Department of Transportation. They provide critical information to support data driven decision making of cost-effective strategies to rehabilitate and preserve existing pavements while ensuring the safety of the traveling public. This Webinar will address two of advanced pavement evaluation technologies: 1) Automated Faulting Method: The Automated Faulting Method uses profile data from high speed inertial profilers to detect transverse joints and cracks in concrete pavements and estimate faulting at these locations. Faulting has a direct impact on roadway lifecycle and vehicle operation costs. Highway agencies typically measure faulting using a faultmeter. This method is slow, labor intensive, disrupts traffic, and can present safety hazards. 2) Automated Cross-Slope and Drainage Path Method: Identifies areas on roadways prone to water retention or areas with inadequate cross-slope, which can cause or contribute to hazardous conditions such as hydroplaning. Based on the measured cross-slope, vertical grade and other input parameters, the Automated Cross-Slope and Drainage Path program calculates the drainage length and generates results in tabular as well as graphical form. With the results, the end user can further evaluate the effectiveness of alternative corrective actions. Speakers: Dr. Alex Mraz, Pavement Engineer, Applied Research Associates, Gainesville, FL Abdenour Nazef, Pavement Evaluation Engineer, Florida DOT, Gainesville, FL
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