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Title: (SRFreight) Talking Freight: MAP-21 Update and 2014 Initiatives
Event Type: Meeting
Date/Time: 1/22/2014 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM EST
Approval Status: Confirmed
The Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act, more commonly known as MAP-21, has been in effect since October 2012. The law contained an increased emphasis on freight transportation, including provisions related to national freight policy, performance measurement, truck parking and truck size and weight, and commercial vehicle permits during national emergencies. MAP-21 also included language guiding the establishment of a National Freight Network, the creation of a National Freight Strategic Plan, state freight plans, and state freight advisory committees. Work is progressing to meet all of the freight requirements in the law; significant progress has been made by USDOT and our state and local partners. This webinar will provide an overview of some of the MAP-21 freight provisions that have been implemented or are advancing, and will highlight upcoming activities to be conducted in 2014. Caitlin Hughes Rayman, Director of the FHWA Office of Freight Management and Operations will provide an overview of MAP-21 freight-related accomplishments from the federal perspective. Jack Wells, Chief Economist in the USDOT Office of the Secretary will provide an overview of the 2014 Conditions and Performance Report that is required by MAP-21 Section 1115 and is currently in the process of being drafted by the USDOT. Tretha Chromey of the USDOT Office of the Secretary, Office of Policy, will provide an overview of the National Freight Advisory Committee, including its composition and current activities.
Name: Jennifer Symoun
Organization: Operations, Freight Management & Operations
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Phone Number: 7036766849
E-mail Address: SYMOUNJ@SAIC.COM
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