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Title: (SR500) Value for Money webinar - Homework Assignment and Discuss its Answers
Event Type: Training
Date/Time: 7/19/2013 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM EST
Approval Status: Confirmed
Description: The purpose of this webinar is to review and answer questions regarding the "Homework Assignment" associated with the Value for Money Analysis webinar. As a prerequisite for this webinar, the participant must have attended or viewed a recording of the "P3-VALUE: Value for Money Analysis" webinar archives at and should have attempted to complete the associated "Homework Assignment," which may be downloaded from the web room at: The "Homework Assignment" requires participants to use the P3-VALUE tools to use hypothetical project assumptions to construct a public sector comparator and a shadow bid and compare the results. This webinar is designed to help participants learn how to use the P3-VALUE tools and advance their understanding of the mechanics of the tools and the methods of VfM analysis. The structure of the agenda will be an open "office hours" format and participants should come prepared to ask questions regarding the "Homework Assignment."
Name: Thay Bishop
Organization: FHWA Office of the Administrator, Public-private partnerships
Routing Symbol: HIN
Phone Number: 4045623695
Connections: 500

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