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FHWA Web Conferencing

Welcome to the FHWA Web Conferencing Calendar. Web conferencing provides users with a central place to collaborate and communicate via the Internet. This calendar is tailored to users interested in utilizing the Adobe Connect Pro Web conferencing platform. Through the links below, you will find information on how to schedule and host a Web conference as well as resources to aid in your web conferencing experience.

Web Conferencing Basics

About Web Conferencing

Need to Hold a Meeting?

FHWA may have a solution that meets your communication and training delivery needs - and your budget!

FHWA's enterprise-wide Web conferencing system allows users to meet virtually via the Internet with a teleconference line to collaborate on a document, demonstrate a software system, share knowledge, or enhance job skills.

FHWA offers up to 500 simultaneous Web conference connections at no cost to you.

Special care is taken to ensure that attendees with disabilities have equal access to Web conferences.

Why Use Web Conferencing?
  • To be more productive- work instantly with anyone, anywhere
  • To reduce travel & go green: Reduce travel expensive and carbon emissions
  • To provide real-time collaboration with white board & annotation tools, mouse & keyboard sharing and allow for changing presenters.
  • To record a session in order to share and playback at any time.
  • To distribute files securely.
Important Web Conferencing Policy*

Web conferences requested in the same month as the event will be held are processed within three (3) business days. Web conferences two months or more ahead of time will be processed within ten (10) business days.

When you submit your request, the number of lines requested is automatically reserved. Each request is still scheduled on a first-come first-served basis. When your web conference has been processed/ confirmed it will generate an automatic e-mail to the requestor providing the event details.

Web Conference Calendar and Help Resources

Schedule a Web conference
Web conferencing enables individuals to conduct live interactive presentations, demonstrations, meetings, classes, or training sessions via the Internet, while simultaneously communicating through an audio conference bridge.

View the Web Conference Events Calendar
View the calendar to see all web conferences currently scheduled.

Find Web Conferencing Help and Resources
View the Web conferencing Help and Resources page to find information on online registration and online references for using Web conferencing.

More Information

Contact Web conferencing

For all web conferencing inquires, regarding scheduling, hosting a web conference, and/or participating in a live event contact the web conferencing support hotline at 202-366-3079 or e-mail us at

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