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Instructor-led Training (ILT) - Instructor Toolkit


Criteria for Instructor of Excellence Award Recognition
This form includes the criteria needed to be awarded in one or more of three categories: FHWA Instructor, Contract Instructor, or Team Administrative.

Awareness of Section 504 Requirements for the Instructor
Outlines the various ways to accommodate participants with disabilities in areas of accessibility of training room and facilities, clarity of visual aids, speaking techniques, and flexibility

Instructor Session Checklist
Checklist to outline responsibilities, interaction, and timelines to be used by instructors in dealing with the NHI host and administrative material

The Circle of Learning - Information on Effective Methods of Educating Adult Learners
The material was prepared to reflect our belief that effective adult education involves a continual process of understanding the needs of the adult learner, preparing for training, conducting training, and following up with post-training reviews

Certificate Print Font Sizes
To ensure uniform appearance of NHI Certificates of Training, please use the Fonts/Sizes listed in this template as an example.

NHI Instructor Certification

NHI Instructor Certification Policy Document
NHI Instructor Certification Blueline
NHI offers an Instructor Certification program to provide, oversee, and continuously improve the application of quality for instructor skills and adult instructional techniques. These documents provide interested candidates with detailed information explaining the Instructor Certification process.

Instructor Development Course - 3.5 day
This 3.5 day course is designed to provide instructors with the skills they need to conduct effective training courses and enable participants to become certified NHI instructors

Instructor Development Course - 4.5 day
This 4.5 day course is designed to provide instructors with the skills they need to develop and conduct effective training courses and enable participants to become certified NHI instructors

NHI Master Trainers

NHI Master Trainers and Instructors in Training
The NHI Master Trainer is a focal point in the NHI Instructor Certification process. NHI continues to promote a participant-centered instructional philosophy. Therefore it is critical that NHI Master Trainers possess a high level of knowledge about adult learning principles and demonstrate required competencies and skills as an instructor prior to becoming a Master Trainer. This program is reserved for FHWA/NHI Instructors.

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