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October 11, 2016: Collaborate Regionally on Workforce Development

The Maintenance Leadership Academy (MLA) is a thorough, rigorous, and highly-praised instructional event delivering comprehensive training to maintenance personnel around the country. The course was developed to bring new maintenance professionals up to speed quickly in six key areas:

  • maintenance administration and asset management;
  • roadways and shoulders;
  • roadside maintenance and drainage;
  • weather-related issues;
  • traffic services;
  • and environmental issues, regulations, and compliance

NHI knows that, in a time where budgets are strained and time for training is limited, making time for comprehensive professional development can be a challenge. But agencies can overcome the obstacles and take advantage of all the MLA by working together - and NHI is here to help.

Regional collaboration gives smaller states and rural communities a rare chance to work in partnership with their peers and reduces the burden on participant's individual agencies. Transportation communities are teaming up across state lines to host and fill MLA training sessions that bring their maintenance personnel up to speed on the latest and greatest practices and techniques. The Tennessee Department of Transportation provides a prime example; they hosted a successful regional academy in Chattanooga that included participants from eight states.

Attendees from around the southeastern United States praised the thoroughness of the Chattanooga session and expressed deep appreciation for the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with peers outside of their agency. "There is additional, beneficial interaction in a regional academy. It is interesting and rewarding for the participants as well as the instructors," said Katie Zimmerman, P.E., who is President of Applied Pavement Technology and who has taught at least one module in every state that has hosted the MLA. "It's one thing to have an instructor promote successful practices from around the country: that's interesting and informative, to be sure. But it really resonates when your peers from other states are there to promote their practices."

The academy provided an uncommon forum for participants to compare maintenance practices and discuss innovation with nearby agencies facing challenges similar to their own. "Participants tell us that one of the most important and impressive aspects of the MLA is the large amount of practical material that be applied right away and used on the job immediately," said Vanessa Almony, a contracted instructional designer at NHI.

Contact NHI today for more information on the benefits of regional collaboration, ideas for finding hosting partners, or to learn more about NHI's hosting process. You can read more about NHI's Maintenance Leadership Academy in the Federal Highway Administration's bimonthly magazine Public Roads.

May 1, 2016: Participant Refund Policy

Participants making last minute cancellations should be aware of NHI's refund policy.

Because many of NHI's ILT sessions require a minimum number of attendees, last-minute cancellations put pressure on hosts and training coordinators to fill remaining seats or cancel the session entirely. To remedy this situation, NHI has revised its participant cancellation and refund policy.

Participants who cancel their enrollment in a session within ten (10) business days of the session start date will be charged the full amount for the session. Participants who cancel before this period are eligible for a full refund.

FHWA participants who cancel enrollment in a course within ten (10) business days of the session start date will be subject to penalties, including supervisor notification and potential restrictions on taking future NHI courses.

NHI will allow participant substitution any point prior to the start of the course, with notice.

Exceptions to this policy will be considered under extenuating circumstances and must be approved by the NHI Director.

Participants who intend to cancel their enrollment in a session must contact NHI at 1-877-558-6873 or email as well as the Host/Local Coordinator. Contact information for the Host/Local Coordinator can be found on your session order confirmation.

Hosts will not be charged if a participant cancellation drops participation below the course minimum within 20 days of the course start date. Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

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