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Participant Refund Policy

Participants making last minute cancellations should be aware of NHI's refund policy.

Because many of NHI's ILT sessions require a minimum number of attendees, last-minute cancellations put pressure on hosts and training coordinators to fill remaining seats or cancel the session entirely. To remedy this situation, NHI has revised its participant cancellation and refund policy.

Participants who cancel their enrollment in a session within ten (10) business days of the session start date will be charged the full amount for the session. Participants who cancel before this period are eligible for a full refund.

FHWA participants who cancel enrollment in a course within ten (10) business days of the session start date will be subject to penalties, including supervisor notification and potential restrictions on taking future NHI courses.

NHI will allow participant substitution any point prior to the start of the course, with notice.

Exceptions to this policy will be considered under extenuating circumstances and must be approved by the NHI Director.

Participants who intend to cancel their enrollment in a session must contact NHI at 1-877-558-6873 or email as well as the Host/Local Coordinator. Contact information for the Host/Local Coordinator can be found on your session order confirmation.

Hosts will not be charged if a participant cancellation drops participation below the course minimum within 20 days of the course start date. Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

Introducing NHI's newest program area: Asset Management

Asset Management has been added to NHI's extensive list of training program areas. Courses in this program area help agencies learn to preserve assets, operate in a financially sustainable manner, and minimize whole-life cost. Simply select "asset management" under program area options on the course search page to view available course offerings.

Reminder: Host Policy Changes Take Place January 1, 2016

NHI reminds hosts that beginning January 1, 2016, NHI will charge a cancelation fee of $1,500 to classes cancelled within fifteen (15) business days of the course start date. In the case of an emergency or weather-related cancelation, the $1,500 session cancelation fee will not apply.

It will remain the host's responsibility to contact all participants in the event of a cancelation, including those registered for public seats. Answers to other common hosting questions can be found on NHI's FAQ page.

Memorandum of Understanding Terms Updated January 2015

If your agency requires a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or Vendor Agreement to host NHI training, please note that NHI's terms have been updated. Hosts who have not established an MOU since January 2015 should contact NHI at 1-877-558-6873 or

Hosting a Session Has Never Been Easier

NHI has updated its hosting information resources and Web pages with the goal of making the hosting experience as simple to navigate as possible. These updates include clarification of NHI's policies on public seats, course fees and class minimums, and cancellation procedures. Both new and experienced hosts are encouraged to visit the Host an NHI Training Web page to review the latest hosting policy resources.

Changes to TCCC Courses

Effective January 1, 2016, NHI will apply a charging structure similar to other NHI courses for the remaining TCCC Web-based Trainings. Courses will cost $25 to $50, depending on the duration.

Participants who enroll in TCCC Web-based Training prior to January 1, 2016 will have access to the course for six (6) months. After that time, a participant will need to register for the course again and pay any fees to access or complete the training. To see how much a specific Web-based Training will cost, view the course details on the NHI Web site.

NHI continues to offer Web-based prerequisite courses and those taken in conjunction with blended Instructor-led Training at no cost.

Don’t Wait to Register for Public Seats

Parties interested in joining one of NHI’s instructor-led trainings are encouraged to register early. Registration for public seats will now close three (3) business days prior to the beginning of a scheduled session. By registering early, a participant secures a spot in the class before it reaches capacity and ensures hosts are able to meet any enrollment minimums. For more information on public seats and session enrollment, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

NHI is now offering the National Traffic Incident Management Responder Web-based Training!

The National Traffic Incident Management Responder Training was created by responders for responders. This course provides first responders a shared understanding of the requirements for safe, quick clearance of traffic incident scenes; prompt, reliable and open communication; and motorist and responder safeguards. First responders learn how to operate more efficiently and collectively.

This Web-based training equips responders with a common set of core competencies and assists them in achieving the TIM National Unified Goal of strengthening TIM programs in the areas of: Responder safety; Safe, quick clearance; and Prompt, reliable, and interoperable communications.

This training was developed through the second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2).

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