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    Public Roads

    NHI is a regular contributor to the US Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)'s bimonthly magazine, Public Roads. Below are links to some of our most recent articles. Reading Public Roads is the easiest way to keep up-to-date on developments in federal highway policies, programs, and research and technology.

    May/June 2016: New and Updated Training for 2016

    The National Highway Institute (NHI) has expanded its 2016 course catalog by releasing several new courses and updating others in its structures program area, including instructor-led and online training options. The new courses help to meet the training needs of professionals responsible for planning and constructing steel and concrete girder bridges. Existing courses were updated to reflect 2015 revisions to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials' (AAHSTO) LRFD [Load and Resistance Factor Design] Bridge Design Specifications...

    March/April 2016: NHI Celebrates 45 Years of Excellence

    Since opening its doors in 1970, the National Highway Institute has equipped thousands of transportation professionals with the skills to keep the Nation's highway system moving forward...

    January/February 2016: Three Online Courses to Help You Preserve Your Bridges

    More than 40 percent of the Nation's bridge inventory is approaching the end of its design service life. Travel demands are increasing exponentially, and highway infrastructure needs often outpace investment levels. Effective preservation strategies and techniques are essential to keep U.S. bridges in good repair, but bridge owners and preservationists need to be able to make cost-effective decisions to meet these challenges. To assist the bridge community with preservation activities, the Federal Highway Administration's Office of Bridges and Structures partnered with the National Highway Institute (NHI) to develop a new Web-based training series...

    September/October 2015: Advancements in Transportation Training

    As the training arm of the Federal Highway Administration, the National Highway Institute has a long history of innovation in delivering training to transportation professionals. Improving the condition and safety of the Nation's roads and bridges means building on the skills of professionals to enhance their job performance. NHI ensures that its constituents receive high-quality training by staying on top of the latest digital tools, adult learning research, and industry advancements...

    September/October 2015: Bringing Conference-Style Training to the Desktop

    The National Highway Institute serves customers from across the highway sector: State departments of transportation, local public agencies, consultants, and industry professionals. Increasingly, many of them face restrictions on travel, reduced staffing, and limited time, all of which impact their ability to participate in classroom training or conferences, or to host traditional instructor-led training. To help meet the need for training within these constraints, NHI offers a wide variety of Web-based training and webinars. Now, NHI is working to adopt more advanced technologies and methods to reach remote audiences...

    September/October 2015: Making Virtual A Reality

    With support from FHWA's Geotechnical Team, NHI built a virtual world--a training facility with a lecture hall, breakout rooms, and exhibit space. In March 2015, NHI offered its first virtual training expo in the newly developed virtual space...

    May/June 2015: NHI Announces New and Updated Courses

    NHI has revamped its menu of offerings for 2015 with five new and revised Web-based courses: a series of four air quality planning courses as well as one course on transportation asset management plans. In addition, a new classroom training on integrating geometric design and traffic control is now available...

    March/April 2015: Integrated Response Training Moves Online

    Three injury crashes occur every minute in the United States, putting thousands of incident responders potentially in harm's way every day. Congestion from these incidents often generates secondary crashes, further increasing traveler delay, frustration, and risk. Clearing traffic incidents effectively is critical to improving safety and reducing congestion delays on the Nation's roadways. To assist with this goal, the Federal Highway Administration, under the second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2), developed a National Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Responder Training Program...

    January/February 2015: Shaking Up Geotechnical Training Delivery

    To help highway and bridge designers and engineers stay current with the latest seismic techniques, the National Highway Institute (NHI) offers the 5-day Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD)-based course 132094 LRFD Seismic Analysis and Design of Transportation Structures, Features, and Foundations. In addition, NHI recently developed two shorter, 2-day courses as an alternative for those who prefer more flexibility in scheduling. These courses are 132094A LRFD Seismic Analysis and Design of Transportation Geotechnical Features and 132094B LRFD Seismic Analysis and Design of Structural Foundations and Earth Retaining Structures.
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