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Organization and History

NHI is the training and education arm of FHWA. Established by Congress in 1970, NHI has been providing quality service to the transportation community for over forty years.

When NHI first opened its doors in 1970, it was just a small operation with a handful of employees who completed every course registration, scheduling arrangement, and certificate by hand. Understandably, the menu of courses was fairly narrow, covering only a handful of basic transportation subjects.

Over time, NHI's course catalog has expanded to include hundreds of trainings in 16 broad categories ranging from Structures and Pavements to Real Estate and Communications. In addition, NHI now offers numerous distance learning courses, making it feasible for transportation professionals to attend training from the comfort of their own offices without the hassle and cost of travel. Although NHI has grown tremendously over the last four decades, one thing has remained constant: NHI's commitment to quality. Whether developing exceptional training materials or securing top-notch instructors, quality remains at the core of NHI's values.

In serving the national transportation community, NHI partners with many organizations. We forge close relationships with internal FHWA groups, such as the Resource Center, and external groups, such as the American Society of Civil Engineers, Deep Foundations Institute, State departments of transportation, and university transportation centers. NHI provides training resources to customers, partners, and learners in every State.

Because of the global nature of transportation today, NHI reaches beyond the Nation's borders to develop relationships with transportation professionals around the world. In fact, for more than 20 years, NHI and FHWA's Office of International Programs have collaborated to provide training resources, briefings on training processes, and Web-based training to dozens of countries including Iraq, Korea, and Kuwait. Together, NHI and its partners support the training and educational needs of the transportation workforce.

To learn more about all that NHI has to offer, please visit the NHI Training Products and Services page.

To browse all available NHI courses, please visit the Course Search Engine or download the Course Catalog.

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