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About NHI

NHI's Mission

As the training and education arm of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the National Highway Institute (NHI) has a long and rich history of innovation and expertise in delivering transportation training. Improving the conditions and safety of our nation's roads, highways, and bridges means continuously building on the skills of highway professionals and enhancing job performance in the transportation industry across the country.

We ensure our constituents receive the highest quality training by staying on top of the latest digital tools, adult learning research, and industry advancements to deliver the knowledge they need to succeed.

History of NHI

Established by Congress in 1970, NHI has been providing quality service to the transportation community for the last fifty years.

When NHI first opened its doors, it was just a small operation with a handful of employees who completed every course registration, scheduling arrangement, and certificate by hand. Understandably, the menu of courses was fairly narrow, covering only a handful of basic transportation subjects.

Over time, NHI's course catalog has expanded to include hundreds of trainings in more than 18 transportation industry-related program areas. NHI now offers numerous distance-learning courses, making it feasible for transportation professionals to attend training from the comfort of their own offices without the hassle and expense of travel. Although NHI has grown tremendously over the last five decades, one thing has remained constant: NHI's commitment to quality. From developing exceptional training materials to securing top-notch instructors, quality remains at the core of NHI's values.

NHI works in partnership with FHWA's Resource Center to provide targeted training and technical assistance to support the highway community.

NHI's Innovative Training Programs

Training through NHI offers a number of advantages:

A variety of course types and lengths.

NHI offers Instructor-led training from short, 1-day courses to multi-week sessions. Our Web-Conference training offer live, online learning taught by remote instructors, eliminating the need to travel. In addition, NHI has a catalog of Web-based trainings that are available online 24/7.

Access to national experts who are leaders in their fields.

NHI training is designed to encourage nationwide application of state-of-the-practice techniques, and is developed in collaboration with professionals from FHWA, State and local agencies and industry partners. The training is delivered by experienced practitioners considered to be experts in their fields.

Application of the latest instructional systems design expertise to make the most of practitioner time.

NHI's development team of professional instructional designers aid in the development of outcome-oriented training. They consult with partners to determine the best and most flexible training solutions available, utilizing adult learning principles and industry best practices.

Accredited training to fulfill continuing education needs.

NHI is recognized as an accredited training provider by the International Accreditors of Continuing Education and Training (IACET), so participants can earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for NHI training courses. This accredited training may be used by highway industry professionals to maintain State issued PE, or other licenses. NHI is also an approved provider of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) certification maintenance (CM) credits for Planning and Freight series courses. Many State Departments of Transportation (DOTs) require their bridge inspection team leaders and consultants to successfully complete NHI's bridge inspection training courses to fulfill a State's bridge inspection certification program.

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