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To be successful in their training, learners need to frequently and meaningfully engage with the course content. There are many instructional strategies, and it is not always easy for course designers and instructors to find ones that match the content, the classroom limitations, and participants’ learning needs. This online handbook is designed to provide instructors, project managers, subject matter experts, and instructional designers with tools and techniques to help make a course more interactive and engaging. The online handbook provides background information to help users select the most appropriate option. Users will also find instructions and examples to help them replicate the strategy or tool in a course. This online handbook will be easy for you to navigate and use, and enable you to focus in on a few tools to use in the course you are currently developing or teaching, or read every section.

Mind map featuring Training with Teaching, Learn, Knowledge, Coaching, Workshop as subtopics.


Thank you to all the NHI Instructor Development Course participants who generously shared their final training presentation materials. Their slides, handouts, activities, assessments, and other materials provided many of the transportation-related examples in this publication.

  • Abdalla Abdelmoez
  • Brett Sposito
  • Brigitte Mandel
  • Chris DiPalma
  • Dan Sant Anselmo
  • David Cornish
  • David Cox
  • David Lamb
  • David Wright
  • Don Dwyer
  • Douglas Whittaker
  • Eddie Curtis
  • Edgard Baltodano
  • Edward Woolford
  • Emily Wilder
  • Greg Doyle
  • Ian Kiwan
  • Jamal Elkaissi
  • Jeff Jasper
  • Jonathan McDade
  • Jon-Paul Kohler
  • Marvin Ta
  • Michael Hughes
  • Mignon Whitted
  • Mike Ergler
  • Noel Mehlo
  • Olivia Phelps
  • Patrick Kane
  • Ray Murphy
  • Richard Kerr
  • Steve Miller