Assessment Checklists

A checklist is an assessment tool that lists the specific criteria for the skills, behaviors, or attitudes that participants should demonstrate to show successful learning from training. Checklists usually feature statements or questions about the participant’s performance of each criteria. Answer choices are generally limited to “Yes” or “No.” Because they clearly state the skills, behaviors, and/or attitudes expected at the end of training, both participants and instructors can use checklists to monitor learning. Instructors and peers can use checklists to record their observations during participant demonstrations or performances.


To create an assessment checklist:

  1. Identify the key skills, behaviors, or attitudes in a learning outcome, as well as any conditions (time limits, resources used, etc.)
  2. Write a clear, specific, observable description of the skill, behavior, or attitude.
  3. Write a sentence or question for each description.
  4. Create a checklist document and leave a space for the date. This will help you track participant progress if more than observation will take place.
  5. Organize the statements/questions into a table with spaces for checkmarks or Yes/No responses.
  6. Leave space(s) to write anecdotal comments
  7. hare the assessment checklist with participants at the start of the training.


Figure 19 displays an assessment checklist that could be used with Jeff Jasper’s NHI Instructor Development Course training presentation, “Highway Plan Reading: Centerline Stationing,” is shown below.

Participant Name: _______________________ Date: __________________

Criteria Yes No

Participant uses correct terminology when defining centerline notation:

  • Centerline
  • Station
  • Offset

Participant can mark a centerline station if given stationing notation.


Participant can write notation for a station marked on a centerline.


Participant can calculate the distance and direction of an offset from the centerline.



Source: Jasper (2018).

Figure 19: Centerline stationing assessment checklist