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Introduction to Hosting an NHI Training

NHI relies on host organizations to distribute high quality, dynamic training. Similarly, host organizations count on NHI to educate fellow staff and colleagues about transportation-related issues through training that is effective, engaging, and relevant to the industry.

Information on Hosting an NHI Training

What Does "Hosting a Training" Mean?

An NHI host is an individual who represents an organization and requests that a training session be held in their local area or, in the case of Web-conference training, online. NHI coordinates scheduling and payment for a training session with hosts, and hosts may also request that additional seats (referred to as public seats) be opened for enrollment on the NHI Web site to fill their course with participants from outside their organization.

When NHI delivers training throughout the country and abroad, the host organizations provide facilities and equipment, and NHI provides top-notch instructors and course materials. Because of this unique delivery model, "hosts" (or Local Coordinators) play a significant role in coordinating NHI Training.

What are public seats?

Public seats allow participants outside of your organization to enroll in your session. When you offer public seats, NHI will list the seats on the NHI Web site and distribute e-mail alerts announcing your session when it is scheduled. For more information on public seats please contact

How to Begin the Hosting Process

Any organization can request to host an NHI Instructor-led training (ILT) or Web-conference training (WCT) course by submitting a Host Request Form. For more information on these types of courses and other training options, please visit the NHI Training Products and Services page.

To begin the hosting process, simply set up a new account or update your information through the My Profile page and select the "Host/Instructor" box in your profile. Then, search through the catalog of courses that NHI offers and select the Host Request button next to the one you'd like to host. Finally, fill out and submit the request form.

Once this Host Request Form is submitted, the NHI Scheduler and an instructor will contact you to coordinate scheduling, payment, and other logistic information.


Each course charges a fee per participant; these fees are listed in the course descriptions. The host is charged the per participant fee multiplied by the number of participants enrolled in the session. Additionally, each course has a minimum participant requirement that hosts must meet in order to hold an NHI training session. Per participant fees and participant minimums vary. Hosts are not charged for FHWA personnel attending NHI sessions at their locations or for any instructor expenses.

NHI accepts check, money order, credit card, and electronic check from domestic customers. From international customers, NHI accepts cashier's checks, international money orders, and credit cards as acceptable forms of payment.


If a course must be cancelled, the host is required to contact NHI at 1-877-558-6873 or e-mail for cancellation approval. To avoid incurring fees, cancellation must be requested no later than 10 business days prior to the course start date. If the course materials have been sent, the host must contact NHI Customer Service.

In the event of cancellation, it is the host's responsibility to contact all participants (including those registered for public seats). There must be validation that the registrants received the cancellation notice. Notice to out-of-state participants is especially important to avoid charges for travel. If notification of cancellation occurs in less than 10 days prior to the start date of the session, travel costs for the participants and instructors may be the responsibility of the host. In order to notify participants of the session cancellation, the host must contact NHI Customer Service to obtain a list of enrollees and their contact information.

Additional Hosting Information and Tools

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