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Course Description

Instructor Development Course (3.5-Day)

PROGRAM AREA: Communications
Instructor-led Training (ILT)Instructor-led Training (ILT)
Calendar Year
Host Price
3.5 Days
2.1 Units
$1130 Per Participant


CLASS SIZE: Minimum: 7 Maximum: 12


The 3.5-day is geared to instructors who anticipate teaching from a complete set of training materials (instructor manuals, participant workbooks, and visual aids) developed by training professionals.

This Instructor Development Course (IDC) will provide new and experienced instructors the knowledge and skills to deliver more effective training. NHI defines training as a "demonstration of acquired skills and knowledge of adult learning principles which necessitates that learning outcomes be developed and their attainment be measured."

A skilled trainer, therefore, will emphasize the use of experiential learning techniques, such as problem solving analysis, discussion, question and answer sessions, group activities, demonstrations, role-plays, etc. In essence, these learning activities tap into the knowledge and skills that an adult learner brings to the classroom and have the goal of meeting both the learning outcomes and the participants' expectations.

Pre-Class Assignment:

Training Sessions: You must come prepared to present a 15-minute training session at the beginning of the workshop. The topic for your session should be job related; it can either come from a course you have taught, will be teaching, or are developing. The 15 minutes typically translate to about 5 to 7 minutes of content with time for exercises, activities and/or questions, etc. Visual aids, such as overhead transparencies or handouts should be brought with you. Please bring your own laptop computer if you are planning to do a PowerPoint presentation.

A word of caution, not all training facilities are equipped with the appropriate technical support for a PowerPoint presentation (i.e., in-focus projector or support software) or have the equipment to reproduce overhead transparencies. For this reason, we encourage you to make use of other types of visual aids, such as flip charts, write-on transparencies, and handouts. These nontechnical methods will NOT diminish, but enhance the value of your presentation. Use a holistic approach in your training.

Readings: Read the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) material posted on the NHI Web site. To access the material go to, under "About NHI" at the bottom of the page, select "NHI Philosophy on Learning", select "Adult Learning" (Print and Read), select "Instructional Systems Design (ISD)" (Print and Read). You will find printable downloadable files (PDFs) of all required readings and any other materials related to this course.

This course is part of the NHI Instructor Certification program. To learn more about NHI's Instructor Certification visit the NHI Web site at


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the five steps in the ISD system
  • Write a behavioral learning outcome
  • Present, measure, and review a learning outcome
  • Demonstrate at least two forms of interactivity and positive interpersonal skills
  • List five training techniques (e.g., Do not talk to the flip chart; do not stand in front of the projector; and do not stand in one place)
  • Demonstrate how to reach the three styles of learning
  • Deliver a 15-minute training session that demonstrates adult learning principles


This course is intended for instructors who will be delivering interactive training to adult learners.

If you have questions about this NHI training, please contact NHI at or 877.558.6873.


Start Date: 8/16/2016
End Date: 8/19/2016
Location: COLUMBUS, OH
Local Coordinator: Victoria Beale (614) 466-3129
No Public Seats Available
Please contact the Local Coordinator to enroll in this session.
2 FHWA Seats

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