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NHI Certification Programs

NHI believes it is important to recognize individuals for their achievements. In order to ensure that NHI instructors and course participants are recognized for their admirable accomplishments, NHI offers two certification programs-the NHI Instructor Certification and the Certificate of Accomplishment. Please select the items below to find more information about these programs.

NHI Instructor Certification

The NHI Instructor Certification Program validates the exceptional qualifications and skills our instructors exhibit. In order to facilitate NHI training in one's technical area(s) of expertise, an instructor must become certified through NHI's certification process.

To learn more about NHI's Instructor Certification Program, please review the following documents.

Certificate of Accomplishment

NHI's Certificate of Accomplishment Program recognizes individuals who have successfully completed and achieved passing grades in select groupings of the NHI courses listed below. This program features suites of bundled NHI courses, which enable participants to enhance their depth of knowledge in specific disciplines or topic areas.

Certificates of Accomplishment are currently available in the following disciplines:

All of the courses in the suite must be completed within four years of beginning the first course. To be eligible to receive a Certificate of Accomplishment, participants must complete and pass the exam (with a score of 70% or greater) for each course in the suite.

After successfully completing the course suite, please contact the NHI Registrar at to request your Certificate of Accomplishment.

Please allow at least one month after successfully completing the final course of the suite before requesting your certificate.

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