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You can search for materials by course number, keyword, and/or course title. Enter information into the appropriate fields, then click Search.
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The "Search NHI Store by Tags" box contains key terms from items in the NHI Store. The larger the term appears, the more materials in the store contain it in their name. You can click on a term to bring up search results for materials containing the term in their name.

You can also use the "Show tags in:" drop-down list to re-display the cloud with only the terms related to materials within the specified topic.

Material Format
NHI course materials are available in hard copy and electronic copy formats. Hard copy format will be mailed to you and electronic format will be available to download and save onto your own computer.
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Training materials are included in session enrollment fees and provided at your training session. You do not need to purchase your materials separately.

FHWA employees can receive one free copy of course materials by e-mailing your request to For special requests, please contact our Materials Manager at (703) 235-0552.

Cancellation Policy

The host of an NHI course must contact the NHI Training Manager at (703) 235-0520 for approval to cancel a course for any reason. Cancellation is requested no later than 10 working days prior to the course start date to avoid incurring any fees. If the course materials have been sent, the host must return the materials to the FHWA Report Center. In the event of cancellation for any reason, it is the host's responsibility to contact all participants via e-mail and telephone. There must be validation that registrants received cancellation notice. Notice to out-of-State/traveling participants is especially important to avoid charges for travel. If notification of cancellation occurs less than 10 days prior to the start date of the course, travel costs for the participants may be the responsibility of the host. The host should contact an FHWA Training Coordinator or the NHI Scheduler to obtain the list of FHWA enrollees and their contact information for notification of the cancellation.


If you need to cancel your enrollment in a session, you must contact and the host of your session no later than 7 days prior to the course start date to avoid incurring any fees. Contact information for your session host can be found on your session order confirmation as well as the session's information page on the NHI Web site.

Refund Policy

To cancel and request a refund, please contact Your refund will be processed as quickly as possible. Credit card refunds should appear within two billing cycles. Cancellation notification must also be provided to the hosting agency.

Instructor-Led Training (ILT) Courses

To receive a full refund for an ILT course, cancellation must be made at least seven days prior to the session start date. You must also notify the point of contact at the host organization.

Distance Learning Courses

To receive a full refund for a distance learning course, cancellation must be made 72 hours after paying for the course.

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