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Title:  SR500 NHI Innovations: Rigidified FRP Tubular Arches & Hybrid Composite Beams
Date/Time:  7/19/2012 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM Eastern Time
Description:  The AASHTO Technology Implementation Group (TIG) identified 2 market-ready fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composite technologies that would yield significant economic benefits to the traveling public - rigidified FRP tubular arches (RFTA) and hybrid composite beams (HCB). This webinar will discuss the RFTA and HCB technologies. Presentations will include testing verification of structural properties, short- and long-term benefits, implementation challenges, and case histories. RFTAs are well-suited to a variety of sites, including environmentally-sensitive areas and locations where it is difficult, damaging, or unfeasible to bring in heavy equipment or machinery. Early applications indicate that the technology will offer a much needed alternative to other proprietary systems in such settings. RFTAs can also be a cost-effective, low carbon alternative in severe exposure settings. They have potential for low life-cycle and maintenance costs. HCBs have the potential to be long-lasting, can weigh considerably less than conventional bridge components, and may be erected using smaller, lighter pieces of construction equipment. Combining the enhanced properties of concrete, steel and FRP composites during beam fabrication, they also show promise for long service life with corrosion resistance, and can also provide a low overall carbon footprint for bridge construction. Moderator: Lou Triandafilou, FHWA Bridge and Foundation Engineering Team Leader, will cover a general introduction of the AASHTO TIG and Lead States' Team process as it relates to the 2 FRP technologies Hybrid Composite Beams: John Hillman, Teng Associates, Senior Associate Rigidified FRP Tubular Arches: Speaker TBD from the University of Maine, or Advanced Infrastructure Technologies
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