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Web Conferencing Help and Resources

FHWA provides users with resources to become self sufficient in use Adobe Connect. FHWA also offers many opportunities for Hosts to learn how to use Web conferencing.

Tutorials and Training Sessions

Holding a Meeting?
Learn how to facilitate a meeting as a HOST. Select the link to view best practices in Online Facilitation for hosting a web conference.

Need to join a Web conference?
View this tutorial on all the information needed to participate in a web conference.

Not sure about Web conferencing?
Take an online tutorial about how Web conferencing can work for you.

Register for Training on Web Conferencing
View a list of current training offerings sponsored by the Knowledge Application Team.

Can't Attend Training?

View recorded demonstrations of web conferencing weekly training demos

  • Web conferencing 101- coming soon
  • Web conferencing 102- coming soon
More Web conferencing online tips and demos

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Web Conferencing Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for making a web conference reservation?

The Web conferencing calendar resides on the NHI website. The NHI website serves as the portal for the schedule of all Web conference requests. Your UPACS ID is required to submit a request on the NHI calendar. Please contact the UPACS Administrator with any questions regarding an ID. Click here for the most current list of Administrators: For more information on how to schedule a web conference, visit the following link:

How quickly will a web conference reservation request be processed and confirmed?

Web conferences requested in the same month as the event will be processed within 3 business days. Web conferences requested two months or more ahead of the event will be processed within 10 business days. When you submit your request the number of lines is automatically reserved. Each request is still scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Each Web conference request that is confirmed will trigger an auto-generated e-mail to the requestor providing the Web conference details.

How to request Closed-captioning, online registration, and universal voice recording

You can request that your session have online registration, closed-captioning, and recorded when submitting your request to Schedule a Web conference. Please indicate your desire for these features in the Description field of the request form.

Can I have a transcript and/or can my session be captioned?

Yes, via the Closed-captioning feature. Please request this service when submitting your request to Schedule a Web conference. Please indicate your desire for Closed-captioning service in the Description field of the request. * Once your web conference is approved, the Web conferencing Support Staff will send a e-mail confirmation with instructions to activate the closed-captioning feature in a Adobe Connect meeting room.

How to include existing audio/meeting room information in your meeting request

With the volume of web conferences scheduled we cannot remember an individual's Personal Meeting Room information so it's a great help to us when that information is included in the initial request. Going forward, *each time* you submit a request on the NHI calendar please indicate the meeting room URL and audio information in the Description field. This will ensure we have the meeting room and audio information you wish to use and will help us get your request scheduled and confirmed more quickly.

How to request a seminar room / large event?

To request a seminar room/large event include in a "1" and in connections field and in the description field indicate the number of connections needed. With the volume of large web conference request, please allow enough time to secure a reservation.

What is the maximum webinar size that our Web conferencing system can support?

KAT also manages a number of seminar room licenses that can house up to 500 lines concurrently. Our seminar licenses are used for larger events that cannot be accommodated within the simultaneous pool of reserved connections. Due to capacity constraints and system limitations, KAT will place all web conferences requesting over 100 lines into a seminar room.

Do I need to request Operator Assistance for my event?

Web conferences with more than 50 connections are automatically set up with Operator Assistance. If you are having a smaller session and wish to add Operator Assistance you would need to indicate this request in the Description field of the request form.

Advantages of online registration?

With large events it can be hard to keep track of the participation level of your event. By using the online registration feature you can have an accurate list of those who intend to attend you event, and you can access a list of those folks so that you can send any updates to the meeting information or related materials to them. Also, requesting a large number of connections requires us to reserve those audio lines for your meeting. We are charged for all requested but unused lines. By having online registration, we can keep an eye on the number of registered participants and adjust the number of connections (up or down) accordingly and potentially save the agency money.

Why didn't my meeting request go through?

If you did not receive an e-mail confirming your submission then your request was not submitted. This can happen for a number of reasons but most likely the number of lines you requested was not available on the date and time of your event.

Please re-enter your request and pay special attention to the top of the screen after submission. It will indicate at the top if your request was submitted successfully (and e-mail you a confirmation of that submission) or it will tell you there aren't enough lines available during the time of your request. If there are not enough lines you can either decrease the line count or select another date and time for your event and resubmit.

How can I access the list of Registrants for my Web conference?

The meeting Host who requested the web conference on the NHI calendar can access the Registration List for their event. The steps are:

  • Log in to the NHI calendar with your UPACS ID and password
  • Locate and click on your web conference
  • Select "View List of Registrants" link
  • A list of all registered participants will appear. You also have the option to have the list emailed to you or either copy and paste the list of participants into an e-mail.
How do I get a list of Attendees who attended my web conference?
  • While in your meeting room follow these steps:
  • Click Meeting in the upper Left portion of the screen
  • Then click on Manage Meeting Information
  • This will bring you to the Adobe Connect meeting information area
  • Click on Reports in the upper Right section
  • Then click on By Attendees
  • The screen will then display the list to include Name, E-mail, and Time logged in
How do I modify my web conference?
  • Log in to the NHI calendar with your UPACS ID and password
  • Locate and click on your webconference
  • Edit as required
  • Click Submit button
  • Webconferencing will be automatically notified of the modification
How do I cancel a Web Conference?
  • Log in to the NHI calendar with your UPACS ID and password
  • Locate and click on your webconference
  • Click on the Cancel Conference button
  • Webconferencing will be automatically notified of the cancellation
Why can't I schedule when the NHI calendar looks empty?

While the calendar may appear to be "empty" on the day/time that you are requesting, it is not. As requests come and are in pending status, the calendar reserves those lines on the back end so the lines are available when we are ready to schedule the event. Our busiest times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 1-4pm EST. Please try submitting your request for another day/time.

If you have a "standing" web room do you have to reserve its use on the calendar?

Yes- if the meeting will have more than five attendees.

For recurring meetings, is it possible to adjust the calendar so separate entries do not need to be done?

The system is currently set up so that each meeting needs to be requested and set up individually on the NHI calendar.

When making a reservation, it often appears that there is plenty of space on the calendar for a certain day/time but the calendar will not accept my reservation. Why?

When events are requested they are put in a holding status in the system until they are confirmed. This essentially reserves the lines requested to ensure the meeting can be scheduled successfully. Those pending events do not show up on the NHI calendar view but they are visible on the back end to the Administrators. So even though you cannot see them on the NHI calendar, they are still there and those lines are no longer available for another Host's use/request.

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