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What's New at NHI

Read more about what's new at NHI and how the organization is continually impacting the transportation community.

Changes to TCCC Courses

Effective January 1, 2016, NHI will apply a charging structure similar to other NHI courses for the remaining TCCC Web-based Trainings. Courses will cost $25 to $50, depending on the duration.

Participants who enroll in TCCC Web-based Training prior to January 1, 2016 will have access to the course for six (6) months. After that time, a participant will need to register for the course again and pay any fees to access or complete the training. To see how much a specific Web-based Training will cost, view the course details on the NHI Web site.

NHI continues to offer Web-based prerequisite courses and those taken in conjunction with blended Instructor-led Training at no cost.

Don’t Wait to Register for Public Seats

Parties interested in joining one of NHI’s instructor-led trainings are encouraged to register early. Registration for public seats will now close three (3) business days prior to the beginning of a scheduled session. By registering early, a participant secures a spot in the class before it reaches capacity and ensures hosts are able to meet any enrollment minimums. For more information on public seats and session enrollment, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

NHI is now offering the National Traffic Incident Management Responder Web-based Training!

The National Traffic Incident Management Responder Training was created by responders for responders. This course provides first responders a shared understanding of the requirements for safe, quick clearance of traffic incident scenes; prompt, reliable and open communication; and motorist and responder safeguards. First responders learn how to operate more efficiently and collectively.

This Web-based training equips responders with a common set of core competencies and assists them in achieving the TIM National Unified Goal of strengthening TIM programs in the areas of: Responder safety; Safe, quick clearance; and Prompt, reliable, and interoperable communications.

This training was developed through the second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2).

Changes to Web-based Training

On January 1, 2015, the National Highway Institute began charging a small fee for select WBT courses. The number of days remaining to complete the course will be displayed on the My Training Web page after January 1. If you do not complete the training by July 12, 2015, then you will need to register for the course again and pay any course fees.

As a reminder, FHWA employees will not see any cost changes.

How much will WBTs cost?

To see how much a specific WBT will cost in 2015, search for the course on the NHI Web site and select the name of the course to view the course details. The course's 2014 and 2015 prices appear at the top of the course description page. Courses are priced at $0.00, $25.00 or $50.00 in 2015.

What if a course shows $0.00 per participant for its 2015 price?

A $0.00 2015 price indicates that there is no cost to you. The notes field indicates why there is no cost.

Will I have to pay to print my Certificate of Completion?

Certificates of Completion for successfully completed trainings will continue to be available at no cost on the My Training page on the NHI Web site.

NHI’s New Session Alerts

Have you been monitoring a particular course or state to see when the next ILT session will be scheduled? Now NHI can help! NHI is introducing new e-mail alerts for customers to be alerted automatically when Instructor-led training sessions are scheduled for a particular course. You can also sign up for alerts when any Instructor-led training sessions are scheduled in a particular state.

To receive alerts when sessions of a particular course are scheduled, select the "Sign Up for Session Alerts" link on the course’s description page. You will receive an e-mail if public seats are available for the session when posted on the website.

To receive e-mail notifications when Instructor-led training sessions are scheduled in your state, select the eSubscribe icon on the NHI Homepage and select the states that you’re interested in following under the "Training Session Notifications by Regions and States" heading when choosing your subscription topics.

You can adjust your alert settings to increase or decrease the number of alerts that you receive at any time. For more information about modifying your alert and e-mail subscription settings, please see our eSubscribe Information page.

NHI-Hosted Sessions

In response to requests from the transportation community, NHI will host a series of NHI courses at our training facilities located in Arlington, VA. Throughout the year, NHI will present our most popular courses and others not widely offered in individual States.

NHI's modern facilities offer four training rooms that seat between 30 and 100 participants and feature the tools and equipment necessary to ensure a productive and engaging learning environment. Additionally, we are located within 15 minutes of the Nation's capital. We welcome the opportunity to host transportation professionals from across the country as well as from the D.C. metro area.

Join our mailing list for NHI news and updates about newly-scheduled NHI-hosted sessions.

NHI's New Custom Catalog Feature

NHI is pleased to announce the new "Custom Catalog" features on the Web site. These features allow you to create, download, and print a customized version of NHI's course catalog based on your personal preferences. You are able to organize courses by title or number, and you can either download the full catalog or choose your favorite delivery types (Instructor-led, Web-conference, or Web-based) and program area. In addition to creating your own catalog, you can download a single print-friendly course description or order a professionally-printed hard copy of the complete catalog.

In past years, NHI produced a printed and downloadable catalog annually; but the information could not be updated throughout the year. Using any of the new catalog features, you can now obtain course listings from the NHI Web site that contain real-time information.

Check out the new "Custom Catalog" feature on the Download the Course Catalog page.

If you are interested in learning more about the practical application of NHI training, check out the NHI Training in Action Magazine, which also is located on the Download the Course Catalog page.

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