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NHI Staff Directory

Name Title E-mail Phone
Alloway, Sharon NHI Registrar/Facilities Manager (contractor) (703) 235-0553
Almony, Vanessa Instructional Systems Designer (contractor) (802) 537-3234
Ammar, Mohamed Financial Analyst (contractor) (703) 235-0953
Briggs, Valerie Director (703) 235-0500
Castellow, Holly Instructional Systems Designer (contractor) (703) 235-0951
Childs-Frink, Sara Systems Support Analyst (contractor) (703) 235-0535
Clark, Donna Financial Assistant (contractor) (703) 235-0954
Dobes, Chrissy Instructional Systems Designer (contractor) (703) 235-0958
Eberhard, Carolyn Senior Adult Learning Specialist (contractor) (703) 235-0952
Elliott, Tom Training Program Manager (703) 235-0544
Jackson, Connie Instructional Systems Designer (contractor) (703) 235-0522
Keenan, Carol Training Program Manager (703) 235-0526
King, Kate Systems Support Analyst (contractor) (703) 235-0956
Klinge, Mark NHI Materials Manager (contractor) (703) 235-0552
LaCosta, Gerald Instructional Systems Designer (contractor) (703) 235-0521
Laffey, Nancy Instructional Systems Designer (contractor) (910) 236-9269
Lester, Imani Marketing Communications Specialist (contractor) (703) 235-0955
Malleck, Lynda Onsite Project Manager/Real Solutions Contact (contractor) (703) 235-0542
Mathis-Lee, Danielle Program Coordinator, Marketing (703) 235-0528
Mitchell, Carla Instructional Systems Designer (contractor) (703) 235- 0529
Monts, Sherron NHI Scheduler (703) 235-0534
Shelsta, Heather Training Program Manager (703) 235-0987
Sleyman, Kelly Systems Planning and Support (contractor) (703) 235-0957
Szostek, Barbara Training Program Assistant (contractor) (703) 235-0985
Tatem, Tom Instructional Systems Designer (contractor) (703) 235-0539
Ward, Louisa Training Program Manager (703) 235-0523
Williams, Kimberly Marketing Communications Specialist (contractor) (703) 235-0580

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1310 North Courthouse Road
Suite 300
Arlington, VA 22201

Phone: 703-235-0500
Toll Free: 1-877-558-6873
Fax: 703-235-0593

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